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Moving on

Jadi, seseorang pernah bilang kalo move on itu sebenernya adalah berpindah dari satu pijakan ke pijakan lainnya. Either pijakan yang sebelumnya itu Indah banget ataupun bitter banget, ya lo pindah ke pijakan berikutnya. Yang jadi masalah adalah apakah lo berani atau ngga ambil peluang untuk berpindah ke pijakan baru tersebut.

Karena yang lo tau cuma kondisi di pijakan lo sekarang. Seindah apapun pijakan lo sekarang ga ada yang ngejamin pijakan berikutnya ga lebih indah dari pijakan lo sekarang bisa aja sesuatu yang lebih indah ada disana. Se bitter apapun pijakan lo sekarang ngga ada yang ngejamin kalo pijakan berikutnya akan lebih indah bahkan bisa aja bakal lebih buruk.

Moving on itu proses. Proses untuk mengikhlaskan apa yang sudah terjadi untuk tetap tinggal di waktu itu dan memulai pijakan baru. Ketika gue bilang okay "I moving on" bukan berarti gue sudah berada di titik gue bener-bener di kehidupan yang baru, karena sebenernya itu adalah sebuah proses.

Dan proses itu y…
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I want a simple life

If i can imagine my life would be,
Honestly, I just want a simple life. Not that glamorous but enough with everything.

I don't wish having a super-rich man as my man. I only need the one I can rely on.

The one I can share my favorite song while driving on long road-trip. Having the same adventurous desire and let me being his Co-Assistant, and checkin' places we wrote on our bucket list

The one who love riding a jet coaster or any thrilling rides and having a big laugh after, yelling out loud "shit, this is insane" after the ride is done, we can't help our self to start in line again

The one who allow me, and accompany me hiking any mountain. Allow me camping with him. Allow me taking a lot lot lot of photos of mountain, grass, flowers, or any insects I found.

The one who wants to watch a MU match in old trafold, but if he likes chelsea in stamford, Liverpool in Anfield or arsenal in Emirasy, I am still okay with that as long as it is England.

The one who love ac…

I forgive you

melakukan kesalahan itu manusiawi merasa sakit hati itu juga manusiawi marah dan kecewa setelah disakiti ? manusiawi
we're only human after all.
There are always two sides of every story. I knew mine, & I don't know yours. Even you try to explain me, I believe I will never understand it.
I've read somewhere, the one who hurts people, is the one who needs heals the most.  So here I am, I pray for your peace in life. I hope your healing process went very well.
Surprisingly, I don't hate you girl. Maybe, I was really mad at you for ruin my dreams. But not anymore.
This is gonna be a very precious thing for me to learn. Not easily gave my trust. Share my dream. to a person I thought the world for me. I know I was young & dumb, I always said YOLO, you only live once, so live it to fullest. Even I don't even understand yet, what is the meaning of life.  It's my fault. Not you. You just make it worse.
But I learn so much. I finally understand, what I want in l…

I can't tolerate bully anymore

People growing old but doesn't mean they're growing up. I'm wondering why is it so hard being nice to people ? If you can't, why is it hard to remain silent.
So, I have a fried, my high-school friend, he seems having mental retardation. Well, not in an extreme way, he just can not really caught up with our school lessons, but he isn't kind of lazy person. He sometimes hard to talked to. And yeah, he often becomes a bully victim in my school.  What kind of bully ? well, it aint like on TV, he still have a friend, we're all still being friends with him, but he's like our clown. He even didn't realize that he's a bully victim. A sad truth aint ?
I thought as we grow older everything changed. I often saw him keep playing around with my friends and I thought there's no such a thing, like a bully things anymore to him. until one day, in our group chat he sent us offerings. He seems working as a sales marketing now in some developer, he offers us a new…

a year later

Throwing back a year a go, went I was really sad
I was kneeling on my sajadah and praying
"o Allah the most merciful, please forgive all my sins and please keep me away from the things that bring me to bad things and harm me"
few months later, I was kept away from someone.
I was so sad.

Now, in this mean time. I understand why.
Allah just granted my wish that time.
Keep faith in Him,
Masha Allah :)

Why it doesn't work out, because...

Disclaimer first, this is not gonna be a "galau" kinda post.. but more about relief one.
I've been in a deep discussion with my best-friend. We were talking alot, about past, present and future. My bestfriend and I are being friend like 7 years already. Since 2010, college life started. Our conversation getting deeper each time. We're not only talking about law thingy, hot guys, a cool stuff or another bitches (lol) but also we're talking about our ideas, hope, our learning process and we shared everything good.
Some of you might know, we faced similar problem almost a year ago. We both admit that it wasn't easy. Everything needs process so does healing our hearts. Till this point we both understand.
We used to think, why? why this happened to us. After all this long journey, after so many good and bad times, after so many tears and laugh, after so many precious moments. Why this is happened now, why it doesn't fall from the very start, when everything no…

My Top 5 Mascara

Di postingan kali ini, aku mau share mengenai Mascara. No jokes, I can't live without mascara.  Aku bukan tipe orang yang merasa kalau eyeliner adalah barang wajib dipakai setelah alis & lipstick. Kalau kita sedikit flashback ke belakang, like 6-7 years ago, around 2010 - 2011, mostly cewek-cewek kuliahan (at least jaman gue ya!) pada pake eyeliner, termasuk gue.

Tahun 2010 itu, awal dimana gue mulai centil dan belajar makeup. Let me tell you, my makeup back then is disaster. Sejelek itu lol. Jadi saat itu, gue pake eyeliner warna hitam tapi di waterline, udah aja kaya anak-anak Emo gitu :( , ya namanya belajar kan ya baru lah belajar pake eyeliner yang dikelopak mata atas. Udah setelah hatam masalah eyeliner, gue belajar pake mascara. & you know what ? since that day, till now, I can't live without.

Lucky me, gue memiliki bulu mata yang panjang. Walaupun ngga lentik sih, tapi setidaknya bikin gue lebih PD untuk bereksplorasi masalah mata. Even gue punya mata yang…