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My Top 5 Mascara

Di postingan kali ini, aku mau share mengenai Mascara. No jokes, I can't live without mascara.  Aku bukan tipe orang yang merasa kalau eyeliner adalah barang wajib dipakai setelah alis & lipstick. Kalau kita sedikit flashback ke belakang, like 6-7 years ago, around 2010 - 2011, mostly cewek-cewek kuliahan (at least jaman gue ya!) pada pake eyeliner, termasuk gue.

Tahun 2010 itu, awal dimana gue mulai centil dan belajar makeup. Let me tell you, my makeup back then is disaster. Sejelek itu lol. Jadi saat itu, gue pake eyeliner warna hitam tapi di waterline, udah aja kaya anak-anak Emo gitu :( , ya namanya belajar kan ya baru lah belajar pake eyeliner yang dikelopak mata atas. Udah setelah hatam masalah eyeliner, gue belajar pake mascara. & you know what ? since that day, till now, I can't live without.

Lucky me, gue memiliki bulu mata yang panjang. Walaupun ngga lentik sih, tapi setidaknya bikin gue lebih PD untuk bereksplorasi masalah mata. Even gue punya mata yang…
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I've decided to stay because I am a cowards
and now
I decided to go, with the rest of the courage I have

I hold on to nothing
think I'm the one who have faith

and I'm tired, pretending to be strong
I can't bear with it anymore
I'll need to do
just go


breathe & let go

The key is,
Just breathe and let it go

So, I never knew I would this broken hearted.
No, it's not about my romance life. I don't put any interest at any man on this moment.
It's my family matters

Something just come up and this really broke my heart.
It started on monday.
and you know ? I already packed my things and ready to left.
I don't want stay at home.
Where to go ?

I don't know why.
I don't have any exact place to hide away actually
I don't have any exact person to hit up actually

Bandung always be home for me.
I still remember, when I have a big fight with my family.
On my college-vacay. I had a big fight.
without further a do, I packed all my things and went to Bandung.

and It happens again.
I already packed everything.
and I remember I still has a promise with my niece
on Thursday I had to accompany her.

So, I postponed. I try to be strong and nothing happen.
But I am so disgusted.

So, yesterday. I am feeling so blue. I really need to go.

When Everyone getting married

Lol the caption do the justice :P

Well, I don't that miserable anyway.
Many of my friends around my age is getting married, many of the already married also.
Some of the expecting and some of them already have their own kids. I am so happy to see my friend, oh so finally starting their new life. My mom told me, marriage is life changing all of your life. In every inch of your life. Which you have to responsible one another. Not a husband who has to responsible to a wife, but that 'responsible' goes two way around.

I ain't gonna write about wedding preparation. Because, I do not. Well, I have quite experience on that when arranging my sister & brother wedding. What I'm gonna say is all about.. How we the single lady bear with it.

I know deep down many of single lady in my age, feels like.. envious. who doesn't ?
It's so human. Because honestly how strong woman is, always need place to lean on. Doesn't mean we're pussy. But we just need. But then…

December, 2016

I am crying not because I am afraid being alone
I can flying with thousands of a birds and being happy
I am crying because I lost one of my best eagle to compete flying high together

I am crying not because I am helpless without you
I can move the mountain with my fingers and I'll be fine
I am crying because I can not share the greatness we used to do together

I still can running in the middle of desert
I still can breathe underwater
I still can climbing the sands
I still can do everything
even the thing
seems impossible to do
Believe I can.

I am crying not because I can not do anything without you

I am crying because,
I used to fight together and now I have to
let you fight for your self
when I truly know
you will gonna missed the battle
but I can not help

Don't settle for the less

Hi, for all woman out there.

Last night I got a message from my best friend, she sent me an article about 'relationship'

Here's I quote some of the text ;

Being pretty doesn't keep a man
Being honest doesn't keep a man
Being loyal doesn't keep a man
Treating a man good doesn't keep a man
Being there for a man doesn't keep a man
Paying attention to a man doesn't keep man
Spending time with a man doesn't keep a man

You could have the best intentions
You could have the most sincere feelings
and you could be a good woman
but you still wouldn't be able to keep a man

Because the only way to keep a man is that man wants to be kept by you

You can't force a man to be with you
You can't beg a man to stay with you
You can't love a man into loving you

With a man,
you could tell he wants to be kept when the relationship gets hard, and he does everything to fight for you

Because a man only fights for a girl he wants to belong to
(credits to some line updates by…

Kehilangan Pasport di Vienna!

Hello !
I'm in mood writing again, kali ini gue mau cerita tentang perjalan gue ke east europe sekitar tahun 2014. Waktu itu ceritanya gue dan kelurga gue visit my uncle in Poland. Nah dari Poland kita rencanya bakal roadtrip ke beberapa negara di sekita eropa timur, yaitu Hungary, Austria, Czech and Germany. Nah tiba-tiba kejadian yang sangat ngga menyenangkan datang & menimpa gue.

Di Austria, tepatnya kota Vienna, gue dan keluarga gue mengunjungi beberapa spot. Ya tourist banget lah shay... secara kan bawa kakek-kakek dan nenek-nenek. Nah kita mengunjungi salah satu market, forgot the name, but there's pretty crowded!

Jadinya ceritanya disana cuma mau liat-liat doang. First thing to do gue ke money changer to exchanges some cash. Karen entah kenapa orang tua gue suka banget bawa uang dalam bentuk USD even tau mau ke eropa, alesannya sih bisa dipake dimana aja. Yaudah, gue tuker lah uang dan kakak-kakak gue pengen ke toilet. Salah satu cara buat cari toilet umum adalah  p…